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Membership in the Central Vermont Chamber of Commerce is a continuing commitment to economic growth and community betterment. Membership is an annual investment in the Chamber’s many efforts to promote the region and make it a more prosperous place to do business. The annual investment is based on a Fair Share Investment Schedule applied to all member firms. The schedule is reviewed annually and adjusted as necessary to insure that the organization has sufficient funds to carry out its programs for the coming year. Renewal is billed annually on or about the member’s anniversary date.
       A $25 one-time application fee must be added for new member processing. WOW! - Add $75 and get web advertising for a full year!

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Chamber Fair Share Investment Schedule 2013
General Membership:
Under 6 employees $397
6 - 10 employees $428
11 - 20 employees $511
21 - plus employees @ ($6/employee plus $399)
@($1/seat plus $372); minimum of $432
@ less than 21 rooms ($6/unit plus $396)
21 or more rooms ($6/unit plus $444)
(Medical, Dental, Engineers, Attorneys, Accountants,
$397 plus $50 for each professional associate.
Real Estate & Insurance:
$397 plus $35 for each agent or affiliate.

Public Officials: $280

Media (Print, Radio, Television)
1 - 10 Employees $663
11 plus employees @ $12/employee plus $585
Service Clubs and Charitable (with no paid staff): $247
Schools: Through Grade 12 @ $2 per faculty member plus $357
Post Secondary @ $6 per faculty member plus $357
Municipalities: @12¢/resident plus $408
Commercial Lease Properties:
$397 plus 0.50 per square foot of total leasable (commercial) space
Financial Institutions: Formula based on deposits and branches.

Please Note: Investments are based on total employment at all locations operated by the member firm. Branch offices or other revenue-producing locations operated by a member firm are assessed at an additional $180 each. Thirty (30) hours or more a week constitutes full-time employment; part-time or seasonal employees are counted as one half. Additional businesses owned by the same individual(s) are members at half price, but all must be members.

Membership Application The Chamber will invoice my renewal prior to the anniversary of my membership and remittance is due on or before the anniversary. A Chamber decal will be provided for display at my business for as long as my membership remains in good standing. The decal remains the property of the Chamber. A lapse of membership will require the removal of the decal and void all membership discounts on unpaid accounts. Having read the above, I wish to apply for membership in the Central Vermont Chamber of Commerce as governed by the Board of Directors. The individual named below shall be designated as our representative for mailings and discounts if applicable. I also understand that a one-time application fee of $25 must be submitted with my application and investment. This information will be used for your directory & WEB listing. Please be sure it is complete.


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E911 Address:
Toll Free:
Number Employees
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Annual Investment:
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